What You'll Learn In This Section

Until now we focused only on the Text Editor to learn about the essentials of the input syntax.

And having a solid understanding of CADiNP is the key to successfully implement the text input to your projects.

However, the Text Editor is also available as an embedded version in SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop. And as such allows you to combine the graphical input with the text input.

We will look into the following topics

  • The integration of the Text Editor in SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop.
  • Menu comparison between the embedded and standalone Text Editor.
  • How to use the available text input tasks.
  • Converting a graphical task into a text task.
  • How to create and work on a new project using the “Export to DAT...”.
  • How to Access the Text Input of Tendons Defined in SOFiPLUS.

Besides the above topics, you will find a hands-on example to learn the workflow. And to assign a vast number of loads to a project created in SOFiPLUS using the embedded Text Editor.

Let’s get started and find out more about the combined workflow.

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