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Thanks for enrolling in this online course to model and analyse a truss system with Grasshopper and SOFiSTiK FEA.

In this course, you will learn the basics of the Grasshopper – SOFiSTiK workflow.

You will build the Grasshopper script of a truss system from scratch, add the SOFiSTiK Grasshopper components to compile a text script to create the analytical model. After applying loads to the system, you will perform a linear analysis.

After watching this course, you should have an idea of how to use SOFiSTiK FEA together with Grasshopper to create any parametric model you can imagine. Of course, this depends on your Grasshopper skills πŸ˜‰. That said, it might be the case that some covered steps could have been different to achieve the same result.

So keep in mind that the show workflow is more a guide rather than the magic pill for everything.

Let’s get into it!

Used Software

  • SOFiSTiK FEA Version 2020 - SP 9
  • SOFiSTiK Rhinoceros Interface 2020
  • Rhino 7

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